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Kurung Dimensi

Kurung Dimensi

material chiffon
RM 120


Ready-Stocks !

READY-STOCK ITEMS !!! for more visit FB Traditional Kebaya (
BBM 23137DC3 . YM id: fren_frame

Email me at with ur:
1. Name
2. Ur choice of kurung/kebaya
3. Address

-excluded postage (RM8)
I will hit u back with my account no (maybank/CIMB). after u have done the payment, i will direct pos-laju to ur door (takes time 1 day to reach in area Selangor/KL, 2days out of KL)

Kurung dimensi chiffon orange RM 95

Kurung dimensi chiffon turquoise RM 95

Kurung serong chiffon marron RM 95

Kurung sulam chiffon apple green RM 95

Kurung sulam chiffon grey RM 95

Kurung sulam chiffon sulam purple RM 95

Kurung sulam chiffon red RM 95

Kurung oval chiffon apple green RM95

Marvellous Kebaya to Wear

Kurung sulam chiffon

Kebaya Mewah Daun Timbul (material tile)

Kebaya Pelangi

Kurung Modern

Kebaya Mewah Daun Timbul

Kebaya sulam cotton

Kebaya cotton

Kebaya Bunga Timbul

Traditional Kebaya

Traditional Kebaya is online shop for kain kebaya and kain kurung. You can get high quality of handmade kebaya and kain kurung imported from INDONESIA. You can send us an email and online support (YM) at to make your order and we will check the stock and let you know. All of the kebaya are not ready-made.

It’s so easy as email us with your


example: Name – Tia,  Code of order- G01, Color-purple , Cell phone no- 0125999900, Address-no. 8, Taman Indah Permai, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

We’ll post your order direct to your door once we get the money transfer  (Maybank & CIMB account number  will be send in email once you make an order. Pre-order booking should bank in to us 1 week before we back to Malaysia) .

No refund of money once you get the items.

– Prices for kebaya excluded pos laju


    Hurry-up email / YM us at

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    Traditional Telekung

    Kebaya Jarang Mewah

    – Kebaya Jarang Mewah bermaterialkan “tile” (ala-ala kain net) kerawang penuh dan bersulam cantik dengan bunga timbul yang mewah + kain bermotifkan corak batik yang lembut
    – Available in lots of color

  • Only RM 125 RM 95 (HARGA BORONG)
  • Kebaya jarang in green W01

    Kebaya jarang in dark brown W02

    Kebaya jarang black W03 (pattern kebaya seperti W01)

    Model in Kebaya jarang Gold W04

    Kebaya jarang in cream W05

    Kebaya Jarang in green W06

    Kebaya jarang in White W07

    Kebaya Jarang Coklat W08

    Kebaya Jarang in Red W09

    Kain Kurung Jarang in Pink W10

    Kain Kurung Jarang in Green W11

    Kain Kurung Jarang in Black W12

    Kurung yellow W13

    Kebaya Jarang W14

    Kebaya Jarang White W15

    Kebaya Jarang White (background flowers) W16

    Kebaya in cream W17

    Kebaya Jarang Marron W18

    Kebaya Jarang in Grey W19

    Kebaya Jarang in Green W20

    Kain Kurung Jarang in Red W21

    Kebaya Jarang Mewah in White W22

    Kebaya Jarang in Pink W23

    Kebaya Jarang in White W24

    Kebaya Jarang in Green W25

    Kebaya Jarang W26

    Kebaya Jarang in Yellow W27

    Kebaya Jarang in Peach W28

    Kebaya Jarang in Green W29

    Kebaya painted white W30

    Kebaya in Black W31

    Kebaya hijau lumut W32

    Kurung painted W33

    Kurung painted Yellow W34

    Kebaya painted in red W35

    Kurung painted in Orange W36

    Kebaya painted in Red W37

    Kebaya in Yellow W38

    Kebaya tile white W39

    Kebaya tile yellow W40

    Kebaya tile dark choc W41

    Kurung Jarang Mewah W42

    Kebaya Jarang Mewah in Orange W43

    Kebaya in painted W44

    Kebaya in yellow painted W45

    Kebaya Jarang Mewah in Coklat W46

    Kebaya Jarang Mewah in Green W47

    Kebaya Jarang Mewah W48

    Kebaya Jarang Dark Choc W49

    Kebaya painted W50

    Kebaya oren W51

    Kebaya royal yellow W52

    Kebaya Baby Blue W53

    Kurung soft peach W54

    Kebaya coneli

    Kain Sulam Riben, Sulam Benang, Bunga Timbul Handmade

    Kain Kurung Sulam Handmade
    – Kain kurung handmade SULAM RIBEN pita yang cantik berbunga timbul dan ada juga pilihan SULAM BENANG dengan BUNGA TIMBUL + kain bermotifkan corak batik
    – Pilih kain material taveta (tidak jarang, ala-ala Thai Silk- contoh L04), material casionic yang agak jarang (contoh L02 kain ala-ala chiffon) atau cotton

  • Material taveta dan casionic harga :RM 95 RM 85 (HARGA BORONG)
  • Material Cotton harga : RM 120 RM 98 (HARGA BORONG)

    Kebaya sulam Benang+Bunga Timbul in marron L01 -material casionic

    Sulam Benang + Bunga Timbul in Green L02

    Sweet Sulam Riben Purple L03 (motif selempang seperti L04

    Sulam Benang + Bunga Timbul in Red L04

    Sulam Benang + Bunga Timbul in White L05

    Sweet Kurung Sulam Benang + Bunga Timbul in Cream L06

    Sweet Kurung Sulam Benang + Bunga Timbul in Cream L07

    Sweet Sulam Benang + Bunga Timbul in Pink L08

    Sweet Sulam Benang + Bunga Timbul in Grey L09

    Sulam Riben in Grey L10

    Kain Sulam in White L11(material tevata)

    Kurung Sulam in Gold L12 (material teveta)

    Kurung sulam in baby blue L13

    Kurung sulam in Apple Green L14

    Kurung sulam in Dark Choc L15

    Kurung sulam in Black L16

    Kurung bunga timbul turqoise L17

    Kurung marron L18

    Kurung blue L19

    Kurung coklat L20

    Kebaya coklat L21

    Kain Kurung and Kebaya Sweet Sulam Handmade
    – Kain kebaya material cotton yang sejuk dan berkualiti dengan handmade sulam yang cantik berbunga timbul + kain bermotifkan corak batik

  • Only RM 120 RM 98 (HARGA BORONG)
  • untuk material cotton

  • Only RM 110 RM 88 (HARGA BORONG)
  • untuk material taveta

    Models in Kebaya

    Sulam Riben (Material Cotton)

    Kurung Sulam Cotton in White L22

    Kurung Sulam Cotton in Pink L23

    Kurung sulam cotton in Blue L24

    Kurung sulam cotton in white L25

    Kebaya sulam cotton in Baby Blue L26

    Kebaya Sulam cotton in Pink L27

    Kurung Sulam cotton L28

    Kurung Sulam Gold (material cotton) L29

    Kebaya Sulam (cotton) L30

    Kurung sulam (cotton) L31

    Kurung sulam grey (material taveta) L32

    Kurung cotton green L33

    Kebaya white cotton L34

    Kurung taveta marron L35

    Kurung taveta L36

    Kurung taveta grey L37

    Kurung taveta silver L38

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